Grandma Says: How To Remove Fruit Stains From Fabrics

Fruits are delicious and full of vitamins but they ruin our favorite clothes if we’re not careful. But with these natural cleaning solutions known from our grandmothers we can get rid of them quickly.

– These stains can be cleaned using the juice from squeezed lemon or chlorinated water (if the clothes are white). Leave to act for 30 minutes and then rinse quickly with cold water.

– Fruit stains on whites can also be removed if you use milk. Soak the stained area in milk, leave for about half an hour, rub the stain area then wash normally.

– Fruit stains from clothing items can be cleaned with glycerin. Soak the stained area in water with glycerol and then wash normally.

– In addition to the solutions you can leave fresh lemon juice over the stain for 30 minutes then rinse with cold water.

Image Credits: Huffingtonpost

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