Grandma Says: How to Clean Silver With Natural Products

Silver jewelry are definitely very nice, but what do you do when they start turning yellowish-brown or even black, losing their glow due to some chemical reactions that occur between metal and skin pH or for not wearing them?
This natural process is called oxidation and you should know that silver jewelry can be cleaned at home, no needing to go to a specialist.

Below we’ll share some tips and tricks to clean silver jewelry with handy natural products:

1. Clean silver with lemon or vinegar – Place in a bowl fresh lemon juice or vinegar and sink jewelry in it. Take them off after half an hour, rinse well with warm water and wipe them with a cotton towel or with a microfibre cloth.

2. How to clean silver with ammonia – you need an ammonia solution with 10% concentration. Soak silver jewelry in this solution and remove it after 10 minutes, wash it well with clean water, dry it and rub it with a soft towel.

3. How to clean silver potato broth – boil some potatoes (peeled) in water and after the water cooled, soak silver objects for 5 minutes. Then wipe them with a soft towel so that no traces remain of the potato broth.

4. How to clean silver with baking soda – if you have exquisite silver jewelry is best to clean them with a damp cloth dipped in baking soda with which you’ll rub until they it regains its initial color. The baking soda granules are abrasive and remove the oxidation layer as friction process takes place, gradually, silver regaining its color.

5. How to clean silver with garlic peel – put garlic peel in a bowl with water and leave it on the stove until it boils and sink jewelry in it. Leave it to boil until silver regains its color.

6. How to clean silver with toothpaste – wet silver with water and after half an hour rub it gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste. Silver impurities will disappear immediately and the surface will be smooth and shiny.

7. How to clean silver with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol – you have to prepare a solution of alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in equal proportions, and soak silver jewelry or other silver objects. Take them off after about 20 minutes, wash them with clean water and wipe them with a paper towel.

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