How To Make Your Shoes Last Longer: 10 Useful Tricks

Footwear is something that you don’t need to be greedy. It’s better to spend a decent amount on a pair of shoes because cheap footwear is poor quality and nevertheless it will harm your feet. So, in this article we will tell you how to take proper care of your shoes with some special products.

How to whiten your shoe soles
Toothpaste is not just for teeth care but also for sneakers that need to be bleached. Take a toothbrush, put on a small amount of toothpaste and rub well your sneakers. Also you can use this solution to clean your fabric shoes – rub the fabric with toothpaste, leave for 15 minutes then wipe with a damp cloth.

How to clean leather shoes
For leather footwear is suitable rubbing alcohol. Wipe the stain on your leather shoes with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol then let stand for half an hour.

Neat your footwear
Before going to bed, pour baking soda inside your shoes, leave overnight and in the morning throw the powder. Baking soda absorbs odors.

Nail file isn’t just for manicure
Stains from suede shoes are cleaned perfectly with a nail-file. For better results wipe well the stain with a clean cloth then use nail-file. No need to rub too hard – easy cleaning is sufficient.

Acetic acid (vinegar) solution for footwear
Because of its acidic properties, vinegar will not only help to eliminate unpleasant odors, but also it neutralizes road salt. Dissolve 1/3 cup of vinegar with 1 liter of water and soak a cloth in this solution. Wrap the footwear in this cloth and leave it for a few hours then wipe and clean with a damp cloth. Let it dry naturally.

How to make patent leather to shine
Vaseline it will help you with this problem. It’s the cheapest version of brand products for shoes care. Wipe clean shoes with Vaseline giving special attention for scratches and minor defects.

Oatmeal for suede stains
Salt stains that appear often on suede shoes, you can clean them easily with oat flour. Pour a big amount of oat flour over the stain and leave it for half an hour.

Hairdryer for broaden shoes
Like the footwear to be comfortable and ideal for your feet you need thick socks and a hairdryer. Take in the shoes with your socks on and start heating them with the hairdryer.

Freeze your shoes
Here is another way to stretch narrow shoes. But this time cold will you. Pour water in 2 plastic bags, then put the bags into your shoes and place them in the freezer and leave them there overnight. In the morning remove the shoes from the freezer and allow thawing for 20 minutes.

Abrasive paper against slipping
To avoid slipping scratch your shoe soles with abrasive paper. This way you won’t slip because of the rough sole.

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