Grandma Says: How To Clean A Smelly Washing Machine

It happens often to open your washing machine and to feel a heavy smell? Well, that must be mold, a common phenomenon especially for front-loading washing machines. Here’s what to do to prevent and fix this unpleasant problem.

Don’t leave wet laundry in your washing machine
As soon as the washing program has ended, take your clothes out of the washing machine and put them to dry.
In the first minutes after the washing program ended wet clothes can develop bacteria much faster than in a cooler environment.

Vent the washing machine’s drum
After you have finished washing and wiped well the drum, leave the scuttle open to vent the interior of the washing machine.

Use white vinegar
Prepare a solution of vinegar and warm water and wipe the drum and door using a soft cloth.
Limestone and mold stains will disappear, leaving the washing machine as new.

Wipe the drum with a dry cloth
After each wash, wipe both machine drum and its door.
Use a clean, dry lint-free cloth. Make sure you wiped the seals too.

Another option to prevent mold is to set a washing program and add bleach in the detergent compartment.

Image Credits: WomenYouShouldKnow

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