Grandma Says: How To Clean Your Fridge With Natural Products

For each appliance there are different cleaning solutions, depending from which it’s made from. Are you fighting with grease spots? You don’t know if the cleaning solution you have is suitable for your fridge? Well, we have some natural cleaning solution proper for any fridge.

– Use a solution obtained from water mixed with vinegar.
– Use dishwashing detergent mixed with a big amount of hot water.
– Purchase specially detergents to clean the refrigerator.

To remove fridge odors:
– Wood coals have the ability to absorb odors, especially those left by cooked foods placed in the refrigerator in containers that don’t close tightly.
– A lemon cut into 4 slices and stored in the refrigerator helps to neutralize odors.
– Or a mixture made from equal amounts of white vinegar and water placed in a small on the fridge will get rid of that unpleasant odor.

Image Credits: Homelife

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