15 Common Mistakes We All Make When We Do Laundry

Clothes will look better and last longer if you’ll wash them right. Some people believe that doing your laundry is irrelevant, in fact, it’s essential. Improperly laundry washing can break, shrink or discolor your clothes.

Here are the most common mistakes that can damage your laundry.

1. Incorrect laundry sorting
Besides colors, you must be careful of their fabric type. Flannelette clothes must be washed separately and never wash towels with synthetic fabrics.

2. Incorrect stain removing
Don’t be surprised if a little snag appears where the stain was, so don’t rub too rough. Stains should be washed carefully. The best way is to dam a white cloth into a stain removal solution and rub the area.

3. Too much detergent
Too much detergent results too much foam which can leave dirt on your clothes in places such as the collar. Therefore in that place bacteria will gather and cleaning won’t be cleaning anymore.

4. The zipper
You must close the zipper before washing because zipper’s teeth can damage other clothes.

5. Buttons
In this case it’s better to open the buttons. Otherwise the thread will deteriorate and they will fall.

6. Too much bleach
Bleach rarefies the fabric that’s why it’s better to boil your clothes. You need a large pot and the juice from one lemon.

7. Swimwear in the washing machine
It’s forbidden to wash in the washing machine swimwear and other lycra and spandex clothing items. It’s indicated to hand wash them only with cool water.

8. Leave the washing machine to rest
Some housewives leave the washing machine “to rest” thinking erroneously that a number of consecutive wash cycles will damage the machine. Consecutive washing, however, transmits heat from one cycle to another therefore, you’ll save electricity.

9. One cycle only for pillows and blankets
If you wash feather pillows and feather duvets in the washing machine it’s better to rinse them twice. Feathers retain foam only after one cycle that’s why it’s better to rinse them twice.

10. Scattered clothes
The most annoying thing after every wash is socks disappearing. Try at least once to wash only socks then other things. You’ll be pleased by the result.

11. Softener fro towels
Don’t use towel softener because the fabric can be soaked then will retain dirt easily. It’s better not to use it.

12. Overloading the washing machine
Don’t fill the washing machine with laundry. You risk damaging your clothes and your washing machine.

13. Wrong anoraks and winter clothes washing
Fluffy clothes won’t get those piles if you put three tennis balls inside the washing machine. They don’t allow fluff to gather and washes all foam.

14. The use of expensive detergents
Many of the expensive products have traditional analogues. For example, salt makes your clothes shine and chalk removes grease spots. Laundry soap bleaches and removes stains, also. You can add the juice from one lemon for a nice smell and to soften you laundry.

15. Proper care
Wash the washing machine. Frequently. Don’t forget that the detergent compartment is removable from most machines, because underneath it detergent may gather and should be washed often. Don’t close the scuttle after doing your laundry just leave it to dry and to freshen up. Several times a year set your washing machine at a higher temperature and pour some white vinegar in it. It will look as good as new!

Image Credits: MaesAmigas

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