11 Clever Cleaning Tricks Very Useful

Many of us don’t know how to improve the clothing “look”, or to take properly of their shoes.
Below we present 15 tips that you’ll definitely need at some point.

1. The sweater not to goad and not to collect lint.
Soak it in water and put it in the freezer for 10 hours at least. Then put it in warm water. Thus it will become softer.

2. Remove odors from clothing right away
Sprinkle the smelly area with alcohol. Alcohol kills bacteria that cause odor.

3. To clean skin foundation stains.
Before washing apply shaving foam on the stain.

4. To clean lipstick stains
Before washing, apply hairspray over the stain and leave for a few minutes. Then soak the stained area and put in the washing machine.

5. To clean suede
Clean carefully with the nail file.

6. To clean white traces on leather shoes
Rub the shoes with a toothbrush soaked in vinegar.

7. To repair patent leather
Where the patent leather is scratched rub gently with a cotton pad and Vaseline. Then to bring its shine back wipe with Windex.

8. To repair grazed and scratched footwear.
If you don’t have shoe cream, which helps, with a napkin and some moisturizer cream you can restore shoes beauty.

9. To remove a grease stain right away
Pour a drop of liquid dish washing and rub.

10. To get rid of sweat stains
For smaller stains, use the juice from half of lemon diluted with water. If stains are more resistant, use baking soda diluted in water, leave it a few hours then put the clothes in the washing machine.

11. For smelly shoes
Pour banking soda in your shoes and the next day remove the powder. Also you can leave black tea bags overnight in your shoes.

Image Credits: Hijabchicblog

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