How To Clean Your Mattress With 1 Ingredient In 15 Minutes

Are practical and comfortable, but sometimes they give us headaches when they stain. That’s why we’ll share with you the way you can clean a mattress easy and quick, without any fuss, with one of the most common ingredients.

The danger living in your mattress
About toxic substances found inside a mattress everyone knows, toluene being one of the most dangerous. If we can get rid of toxins relatively easily by using … onions, stains from the surface can easily disappear with a great ingredient…baking soda.

It not only helps to remove mattresses stains, but also to eliminate mites. The latter cause asthma, conjunctivitis, dermatitis and allergic rhinitis, and it can get into your lungs.
So I recommend using this method not only to remove stains from the mattress, but also for freshness and to eliminate dust mites.

How to clean the mattress with baking soda
If you want to remove stains, you just have to apply baking soda over them. So you can get rid of stains from coffee, tea, red wine sauce and pet urine.

If the mattress isn’t stained, but you just want to freshen it, you’ll sprinkle baking soda all over it. Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress through a sieve or a colander. To improve the smell, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. We recommend the lavender or orange oil.

You need a brush and a vacuum cleaner. Leave the ingredient to act for a few hours and if it’s possible leave it over night. After that, rub well the mattress with a brush then wait 10-15 minutes before removing baking soda.
After those 15 minutes, vacuum clean the powder from the mattress. Suction slowly and thoroughly to remove not only the baking soda but even the dust inside the mattress.

Image Credits: Sbchannels

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